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Oh my gosh he is so adorable and perfect for a mini ring!! Solid and strong 999 Silver with a diamond snake texture for a complete overload of cuteness!! 


Please give me your mini size.  Most are between 2-3.5  USA ring size chart index. Also, make sure that the ring sits just after first knuckle of the perferred finger in the skinniest part. I will size to that. Like I said they are strong so that the ring will live and last a long time. If you open and bend yourself you may weaken a spot and someday it would break. Most jewelers will help you out with telling you your size. If you have no way to figure the size you can measure accurately snuggly with a string, lay out against ruler  and give me that size!!  Inches or mm is fine, which ever way is easy for you.


🌺Thank🌸You🌼 for choosing my art to express yourself!! Please visit our page on jewelry care and message me with any questions!!

Silver Baby Snake Mini Ring

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