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I started my art journey at a young age.  Always making stuff & flipping from one thing to the next.  Drove my mom crazy!  I was drawn to people in need & pretty things.  I wanted to hear those famous words everyone pronounces on The 4th of July-"OOOO Ahhhh!"


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Lisa Katchur

My main degree was Nursing BSN.  Lots of OOOOO-Ah’s there but a different kind!  I found the human body artful & was fulfilled to help in healing!  I also had a Stained Glass business for 10+ years.  The windows got bigger & BIGGER & my body was getting older.  Running around nursing floors & a 15 foot square art table took its toll.  It was a grand time & I often ponder to how many lives I have touched & loved!  Very mind blowing! I miss everyone of them!


I retired as a RN & took my love for sparkly things,  handmade items, & my overwhelming need to be OCD &  started my custom jewelry road!  It's a huge world & the skills are endless!  I learn something everyday  and push myself to be better!  I decided that I was going to make all the things I loved!  I like to think that the items I create could last a life time &  be treasured by small seeking hands in Ma Ma’s jewelry box. I want to create heirlooms!  OOAK wearable art! This is how I am going to leave my final mark in this big vast world! 


It took me awhile to discover I had a talent for designing and creating jewelry. I love the process. Being a jeweler is satisfying artistically, and as an expression of my likes and craftsmanship!  This is my MAGIC POWER! To take a thought and dream and make it into something real.  A form of alchemy? 

Due to the nature of items being custom created  please don't hesitate to ask questions.  Especially at checkout to alleviate concern. I am happy to answer any question. Specifically, with my "Multi-functional" pieces! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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