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The Raven magic is dripping in 2 toned Silver and Gold! Cutey Pie Faceted Prism Turquoise Raven Amulet! Lovely blue color to the Turquoise with black lightening webbing. With a touch of green. The stone was cut to the half moon shape. Hand crafted each and every part including the chain! 999 Silver Paper Clip chain with gold x2 loops to connect.

The back on the main component is also gold filled Love me that 2 toned look! Goes with everything !! And the larger paper clip loops are soldered closed.

3 tiny stars are lasered on the bottom cleavage bauble and a moon to the top enhancing that magic astral ether feel!

Hand made Giving Hand Clasp and you may choose your custom length every time you wear Him!

The length is approximately 2.5 inches and the width is just a tad over one inch at its widest part.

The chain as mentioned above is adjustable and I tumbled chain for a hard smooth finish. No pokey.

I spend an enormous amount of time making this gorgeous ebony bird. And this time is not accounted for in cost. I make everything this way. Slow and attention to all details. Making all the steps needed and adding unplanned details to make my art look and feel ( and is) worth everything you invest!!! Everything is made with love and deep gratitude for the good health it give back to me!! I love Ravens! If you do too then you’ll be pleased.

Mailed in a gift box with an anti tarnish bag and tab. I can add notes and answer questions if you message me. Please read the “jewelry care” section as well!



Faceted Prism Silver/Gold Raven Turquoise Pendant

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