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I call them peachy because of the loop at the end resembles a peach with 2 leafs. The rest also reflects peach shapes!

One has a faceted Lemon Quartz Teardrop and cost a little more. Handmaid one at a time and have that retro look with an art nouveau style. I just had to make them! 

All and look great or you can wear them jeans and a cool shirt and look great!

Measure2 5/16 inch from top of ear wire by 1 in at widest point. The dangle lemon quartz adds 1/2 inch.

You can follow me under FB or Insta for more video and clips and to see how it was made light_katchurs


Lisa Katchur

The puppy is my buddy and sometimes model!

Peachy Dangle 999 Silver Handmade

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