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Solid .999 Silver Size set at 7.5 and is a strong adjustable Ring. This ring can be set to any size per request. Beautifully designed and sculpted with curly line motif while keeping true to the retro aesthetics. Highs and lows in the design set off the Handcrafted design. Use of patina and high polish to enhance these levels of the craftsmanship.

Soft Baby Blue Turquoise with a neat matrix design and in the industry we call it lightening! Thin black jagged lines give this stone that unique stormy feel! Set this with the soft blue color and this becomes a real head turner! The stone is strong and fat and tall! The best kind! Therefor, we can use prongs for the setting. This is also unique in its creation. The prongs are known as claw prongs. The points are flush set so there is little to no snagging! The high shoulders on prongs also help in this manner as well!

The size of stone is 7/16 by 9/16 inches and stands 1/4 inch capture by prongs and set on its own platform! The platform is rounded for comfort while wearing.

Comes in a gift box with anti-tarnish products. Please read the jewelry care section on this website. DONT forget to get your size changed if needed and Thank You for your business. I truly believe that you will be super pleased with your investment!

Handscultped Curly Motif Siver Turquoise Ring

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