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Beautiful mixed metal Dragonfly with Blue Cloud Mountain Turquoise Pendant. The base design of the dragonfly is soldered to a golden background of Jeweler's Brass. I diamond cut the areas that show thru for a glitzy look. Maker's marks on the back. High polish on back with low and high lights of polish on the front. Plus the low areas were patient black prior to high professional polish. The stone is 10mm in size and has the loveliest blue with golden brown matrix around edges. Top of stone is rounded. There is a hook clasp and the chain is 8 inches on each side. Can be adjusted with a message during checkout. All links closed with solder. The links attached directly to dragonfly are a silver/copper mix for strength and are not closed (in case someone want to change it).


Please follow me  on FB or Instagram @light_katchurs for new reveals and MANY more pictures and videos!   


Length  1 and 5/8 inch and width with the stone included is 1.5 inches.   

Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


Be sure to read the "Buying Handmade" sections and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email. 


If your item has turquoise please follow these rules: Handle with care to avoid scratching or dropping. Turquoise is a soft stone.


Be mindful to not store next to other hard jewelry that may scratch.  Keep away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfume, and cleaners. I wash all the pieces I make with a soft tooth brush and Dawn Liquid soap and dry with a clean cloth.  

Thank you for shopping!!!  Supporting small individual owned businesses means so much to every small business owner!


Silver Jeweler's Brass Turquoise Dragonfly Talisman

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