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This is a handmade stone and pendant by yours truely. The stone is HUGE and is set in bezel with flowers cuts out in back so you can see stone. No fillers or cork. ALL one big happy Qingu Blue Halo Ploychrome Matrix! Set in a bezel and bezel is captured by my own style of feathers! and I used a feather for the bail too! I love it! This is one that you want to sneak to your jewelry box and claim for self! There wont be another one just like this, truely ooak!

The colors look like a sun filled day at the ocean in the Bahama's! Light blue, dark blue, green and yellow which looks tan in different light! I guess thats why they call it halo! 

This comes with an 18 inch 925 Silver knit chain, of coarse anyhting would work here! Thats what I love about Turquoise is that you can dress it up or down and it looks anazing!  I promise you will love this and its a hefting size and weight! 


Length 1 3/4 inch and width is 7/8th  inch. The thickness is .35 inch (almost 1/2 inch) with the stone included.   

Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


Please follow me  on FB or Instagram @light_katchurs for new reveals and MANY more pictures and videos!


Be sure to read the "Buying Handmade" sections and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email.

If your item has Turquoise or Opal please follow these rules: Handle with care to avoid scratching or dropping. Turquoise and Opal are a soft stone.

Be mindful to not store next to other hard jewelry that may scratch.  Keep away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfume, and cleaners.  Opals for the most part can lose their color/sparkle if soaked in water. Just use a little bit if necessary. I wash all the pieces I make with a soft tooth brush and Dawn Liquid soap and dry with a clean cloth.  


Thank you! 

Silver Feather Qingu Halo Polychrome Turquoise Pendant

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