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Handmade Pendant piece, what I love to call “Cleavage Bauble.”  The Blood Red Garnet is the finest gem you’ll find!  Clear and Clean Round/Oval/Square shape that is 8.8 mm.  Lovely!! I handmade a Bezel for the stone due to its shape and set it in a handmade retro 1900’s re-created pendant.  I am super passionate  about recreating these retro pieces because they are so yummy and beautiful!   

Solder and closed loops. Solid piece of 999 Silver make the main part  and a jeweler bronze design on the back.  Jewelers Bronze look goldish and makes a nice mix metal look. Slim artistic bail for the top. And last but least the dangle which is the frosting on the cake! When I made these for the pendants and put them together-I knew right away these are a hit, dope, rad, super pretty!      

All components are handmade from and by me! Many hours of work went into this lovely necklace! Polished like a fool! Patina to certain aspects go the design and then highlighted the design with more polishing! Details matter to me and I am sure you can tell when you have this in your hands! 




Length 2.460 inch and width is .510 inch.  Four sided snake chain is offered in the add.  Ribon and cord work nicely too!

Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


Please follow me  on FB or Instagram @light_katchurs for new reveals and MANY more pictures and videos!


Be sure to read the "Buying Handmade" sections and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email.


If your item has Turquoise or Opal please follow these rules: Handle with care to avoid scratching or dropping. Turquoise and Opal are a soft stone.

Be mindful to not store next to other hard jewelry that may scratch.  Keep away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfume, and cleaners.  Opals for the most part can lose their color if soaked in water. Just use a little bit if necessary. I wash all the pieces I make with a soft tooth brush and Dawn Liquid soap and dry with a clean cloth.  


Thank you! 

Silver Blood Garnet Pendant "Cleavage Bauble"

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