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925 Silver Fancy Bezel Setting.

Rare Opaque Grandidirite. Natural Green Blue Lagoon color and from Madaqascar.     For Grandidierite gems with a more dominant blue hue, they may influence the throat chakra, helping with communication. A dominate green hue influences the heart to be more open to giving and receiving love.


Clear Sparkling CZ for Crown influence.  All of which affects the metaphysical impacts of cubic zirconia. This stone is believed to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego. Called "the stone of practicality," some practitioners use it for grounding.


Australian Flashy Teardrop with that lovely Paraiba color of blue. Green Opal gives us a fresh perspective on life whenever we are feeling stuck in a rut. It can point us towards our “calling,” whether it is one which lasts for our entire lifetime, or only for an important season in our life. Green Opal reminds us that life is beautiful and to actively, consciously notice that beauty in our everyday lives. It stimulates our creativity and originality and encourages us to be our dynamic, wonderful self! Green Opal deepens meditation and can also be used to align the Chakras and balance male/female energies.


Pictures from every light source possiable to catch the extreme eye calming beauty

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See video!


18 inches 925 Silver Beaded Chain

Pendant Length 25 mm and width 10 mm.


Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


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Thank you!

Chakra Throat Grandidierite, Aulstralian Opal and CZ Pendant

$239.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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